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No Third Edition

When the first edition of my MEDLINE book appeared in print in 1999, Tim Berners-Lee's World Wide Web was just coming into wide use. My background and reasons for writing the book are explained in the preface to the second edition. One of the main reasons for the second edition was the appearance of increasingly polished versions of PubMed. The second edition explains how to use MEDLINE and PubMed without resorting to screen descriptions or being connected to the Web, and it contains many other improvements.

As I explain in the introduction to the second edition, PubMed's query box looks like Google's, but they are portals into vastly different worlds. If you are a health professional or research scientist, I encourage you to look at the National Library of Medicine's PubMed Tutorials and to read the second edition of my book. My book does not replace on-line tutorials. It offers another approach to making sure you get the most out of PubMed. Some of us learn best by reading a book!

If you are not a health professional or research scientist, you might try the NLM's MedlinePlus instead of PubMed/MEDLINE.

Why no third edition? I'm busy with another project (one that makes heavy use of PubMed/MEDLINE) and very happy that there are now on-line tutorials to help users make the most of PubMed/MEDLINE

Best wishes,

Brian S. Katcher, Pharm.D.
San Francisco
December 2015

Updated December 26, 2015